SCENAR Therapy: 60 Min $85, 90 Min $125
SCENAR therapy is a non-invasive drugless method of Bio-Feedback therapy.  SCENAR therapy is individually adapted for each client.  It is painless and conducted by putting the SCENAR device on to the skin.  SCENAR triggers neuropeptides to start the body's own self-healing processes.  As a result, the body heals itself by using its own reserves. 
  • Safe & Gentle
  • Non - invasive
  • Points to weak points of the body
  • Helps to decrease doses of drugs
  • Triggers neuropeptide activity
  • Muscle Re-education

Microscopy: $155,  LBA:   Re-Do: $110
Microscopy can reveal:
  • Cell damage, size & shape
  • Dehydration
  • Yeast/Fungi
  • Liver or bowel toxicity
  • Vitamin B-12 impalances
  • Iron deficiency
  • Bacteria
  • Parasite infestation

Ion Cleanse: $55     
The Ion Cleanse unit turns water in a foot bath into bio-energetically rich vibrational  water, which carries the unique bio-signature of the person placed in it. Interaction between this water and the body enriches a person’s energy field and helps to restore the healthy vibrations of the bodily structures pulling toxins out of the body.  

MRT (Muscle Responce Testing): $85
Is a viable, efficient and effective tool for determining the bodies needs gaining information about weaknesses and strengths in the body.

Consultation: 30 min $50,  
  • Digestibility
  • Food Evaluation
  • Nutrient based recommendations

Blanket Therapy: 15 min $20, 30 min $30, 60 min $50
The person lies surrounded by a specially designed multi layered blanket that protects the body from external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.
  • Immediate reduction of stress
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases brain wave activity
  • improves circulation
  • Balances acupressure meridians
  • Restores cellular homeostasis
  • Increases metabolic rate

Ear Candling: $50
"Ear Candling" is a simple, painless, non-invasive alternative to maintain, restore and tone our hearing.
  • Helps relieve allergies
  • Helps relieve headaches
  • Helps relieve sinus irritations
  • Helps to establish hearing improvement

Swedish Massage: 60 min $65, 90 min $85, 120 min $105
Technique that incorporates long gliding strokes, muscle-kneading and manipulation of "trigger points" to soothe sore muscles, stimulate the nervous system and promote good health and relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage: 60 min $85
 Unique combinations of energy balancing techniques using heated basalt stones.  Tranquil, relaxing and therapeutic.

Deep Tissue Massage: 60 min $85
Deep-tissue massage consists of slower strokes and pressure.  Myofasciasl Trigger Points Therapy is a proven techique used for the relief of soft- tissue pain and dysfunction.

Lymph Drainage Massage: 60 min $85
Lymph Drainage massage consists of  a light  pressure techniques  used to encourage lymph flow in the body. 

Foot Reflexology:  45 min $55
The feet mirror the entire body.  Enjoy a soothing therapeutic system of applying specific pressure points and massage techiques on the feet. 

REIKE:  $85
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. 

In Home Visit: $65 - $800
Call for details
(810) 919-0857

You may order Supplements  by coming in the office or by phone.

  • Celtic Sea Salt
  • Coconut Oil
  • Miricle II Products
  • Raw Vitamins and Minerals from Garden of Life
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Garden of Life Products

Call 810 919 0857  for phone orders

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